We're Rainbow... Committed to gather food for everyone

Rainbow Agro is a global leading crop protection company, was founded in Jinan, China, in 2005 by a group of entrepreneurs, and now it is one of the world’s top eleven agrochemical companies.

About Us

We are a leading crop protection company that produces, distributes and markets agrochemicals. With presence in more than 60 countries in the 5 continents, we face challenge due to the unique of each place, this force us to provide specific solutions for each customer, whether they are industrial companies, dealers, or farmers.

Our commitment with the development of our customers comes from the conviction that growing is to find value in each step of the agro productive chain. That is why we accompany each member in the process, intervening in key moments, articulating productive, commercial, and human skills. We combine the best of and international producing company with knowledge, dynamism, and the commitment of our local management ensuring quality in service and performance in each of the results.

We understand everything about growing because we are a company that works for and about the growth of our customers.

Rainbow, all about growing.

Our presence in Central America and the Caribbean